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Lisa Brisse - Exercise Physiologist, Wellness Heart Coach, Fitness Consultant, Spinning Instructor, Author, Speaker, Founder-State of the Heart Fitness

Lisa Brisse – Exercise Physiologist, Wellness Heart Coach, Fitness Consultant, Spinning Instructor, Author, Speaker, Founder-State of the Heart Fitness

Hi, I’m Lisa Brisse, Owner & Founder of State of the Heart Fitness and I’m happy that you’re here!

I believe health & healing come naturally when we experience joy in our heart. I learned about this a long time ago! 

When I was 20 years old, I made the biggest leap of faith of my life. I faced my fear, followed my heart and moved to California not knowing a soul, nor having a job, but I had a dream. That move alone opened my world to possibilities and taught me that when we tune in, listen to and live from our heart, our lives change… for the better in every way.

Working for over 25 years as an exercise physiologist, wellness heart coach & fitness instructor—along with my own lifelong spiritual and wellness journey—I’ve learned that our health depends on many factors, but most importantly, it’s the state of our heart… physically, emotionally and spiritually. How happy, at peace, & inspired are we?

Since founding State of the Heart Fitness in 2001, we have worked with people of all ages, fitness levels and health concerns, including some of the wealthiest & most successful, celebrities included. Here’s what I know for sure…  in the absence of health, no amount of money or material things matter. I have always known this, but my recent and shocking cancer diagnosis, along with my journey of healing, has driven this truth even deeper.

Health and well-being is our body’s natural state, but if somewhere — whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually — we are out of balance, or chronic stress & overwhelm has become our “norm,” we will experience some form of illness and dis-ease, whether it be high blood pressure, back pain, obesity, depression, or cancer. But here’s the bigger truth: Our body is a miracle. WE ARE MIRACLES and when we learn to love, honor & nurture our body, heart, mind and soul, we can bring health, joy and inspiration back to our lives… with a little fun along the way. Won’t you come join us? 

When we heal our hearts, we heal our world!

What is the State of YOUR Heart?

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Movement, Mindfulness & Meditation

All classes during COVID are donation-based so if you find this class—or any class— beneficial, and you feel called to donate, we appreciate it! Enjoy!

Movement Equals Life!

You can also find Lisa’s classes on her YouTube Channel:

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Lisa’s Latest Blog:

Thank you, Cancer: An Ongoing Journey of Loving & Healing Myself


State of the Heart Fitness owner & founder, Lisa Brisse, has been challenged in the past several months in her healing journey with Ovarian Cancer.

To read the most recent updates through this heart & mind expanding healing journey, click on her Gofundme page below.

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I started the Back to Basics program in September, 2006 and have been signing up for the On the Move Program ever since. The exercise routine makes me feel so much healthier and between the changed eating habits and the exercise, I’ve lost 37 pounds over the last two years. I feel 20 years younger. This is the only exercise program I have ever stuck with, and it’s because of the support I receive from State of the Heart!

Eileen Powers, Client

For the first time, I was able to understand that my mind and body are one … that both need to be healthy and happy to live a wonderful and, hopefully, long life. Too often, the mind doesn’t give the body attention until it’s too late.

J. Reagan, Los Angeles Entertainment Attorney

They all bring incredible education and experience to the job. They always watch out for their clients to make sure we get the most out of any part of a program. Making life changes to improve your health and happiness may sound like an incredible undertaking, but isn’t. Somehow the trainers help you make life adjustments easily – one day at a time – and nothing is overwhelming.

D. Drake, Owner of DRAKES Carpet and Upholstery Service