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Lisa Brisse is an Exercise Physiologist, Heart-Centered Wellness Coach, Spinning Instructor, Motivational Speaker, Writer & Author of Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul. She has worked in the health & fitness field for over 26 years coaching people of all ages, health concerns and fitness levels in making healthy lifestyle changes, but also coaching them through old, defeating patterns that keep them stuck while helping them to live their lives to the fullest with heart, joy and passion. She teaches movement, mindfulness & meditation. Early in her career, she worked as a physiologist at Centinela Hospital in Los Angeles, as well as 7 years at the world-renowned Pritikin Longevity Center. She also served as an adjunct faculty instructor at Pepperdine University (her alma mater) in 2002-2003, teaching a required course for incoming freshmen called, Health & Lifestyles. In 2001, she founded State of the Heart Fitness to continue her passion in educating, empowering and inspiring people to live their best life. Lisa has traveled extensively throughout the world. She loves music, reading, teaching her spinning classes, being out in nature, hanging with friends and family, and currently is finishing her first book - The Ride of Our Life - in a series about the lessons of love and life learned from her greatest teacher and companion of 35 years, her magical horse, Little Miss (May 11,1981 - May 29, 2017)!

We Spin! Kids Win! Healing the World Through Children

default“Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone.” — Michael Jackson

Why is it that most everyone loves to be around children? Because they are pure in spirit and up until a certain age are not tainted by our world’s programmed beliefs and limitations. Because they often ooze such joy and allow us to see the world through their fresh eyes. Because they remind us of who we all once were. Because they are love.

Unfortunately as we get older, we tend to lose our childlike spirit as well […]

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State of the Heart Fitness & Michael Jackson: Healing the World


Yes, I can honestly say that I feel like my life has been magical. But it isn’t just because I am lucky. I don’t believe in luck. Well… maybe sometimes it is a little bit of a factor, but more accurately, I believe we create our own luck.

Ever since I was little, I cared about the world. I cared about animals and I cared about people. I cared about the planet. When I was 18, I made a commitment to myself that I would spend my life searching for answers […]

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Earth Day Celebration: Celebrating the Planet & Us! Join Me!

we are one pic

Spring time is in the air and it feels like there is a lot of excitement going on! First off, I want to share that Earth Day is coming up on the 22nd! Though honoring and celebrating the earth should be an everyday occurrence, I guess the awareness starts with a recognized day and that would be this coming Wednesday! In honor of our beautiful planet, I will be doing an hour long Earth Day Beach Walk and Meditation! I have done this in the past and […]

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Our True Nature: Competition or Cooperation?


I’ve always been fascinated with how we are all connected and how, whether we realize it or not, we all have an effect on each other (no matter how great or small). For instance, when someone we love, especially our children or our dear animals, are hurting, it affects us; we feel it as though its our own.

I remember watching a great documentary by director Tom Shadyac called, I Am ( In that film they discuss that though we’ve been taught to believe that we are separate and our “human […]

The Ryans Rising Up From the Ashes… The Eternalness of Life

This week I’ve been pondering my dear friend and her family that lost their home and all of their belongings to a fire last Sunday. Ironically that very morning (before the fire), I had texted her to check in and say hi. I asked her what her and the family were up to. Her exact response was this:

“I was just commenting to Joey (her husband) about how we are enjoying a nice day with all of us home and doing normal stuff. We are just hanging. Kids are cleaning up their forts (riding scooters in between), music is playing […]

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The Courage to Let Go…

It’s interesting to observe one’s self when we are feeling uncomfortable for whatever reason. We naturally have a tendency to want to immediately do something to minimize the discomfort. We want to grab something to eat, we want to have a glass of wine, we want to go shopping, we want to get on the Internet, we want to watch tv, we may want to go kick our butts in a work out, etc. etc. There are many ways we as human beings try to avoid the feelings of discomfort.

What’s even more interesting, I think, is how we […]

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The Book is Out There — The Risk of Baring Our Heart & Soul!

"Field of Dreams" by artist, David Nordahl

Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul

Well… the book is out there. A project that I have been working on for the last 5 ½ years (since the week after Michael Jackson died in 2009), yet really the story of the Michael magic and miracles that began nearly 30 years ago already, has become manifest in book form as of December 11, 2014.

I can hardly believe it. Gulp.

After living this story (and often wondering what […]

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Being Pregnant with Creativity: A New Life Being Brought to the World!

As some of you who know, you know I have been working on my book, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul for the last 5 1/2 years! Even though I always knew that I would one day write a book about the Michael Jackson story of my life, the actual writing process and inspiration began a week after Michael died on June 25th, 2009.

With that said, I am finishing the final touches with my formatter and all I can say is, “Wow! What a process!”  I have likened this whole book writing […]

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There’s No Right Moment, Only Right NOW

I admit, it’s one of those times when I just am not sure what to write about. Usually I have something particular in mind that wants to be expressed through the written word, but there are times when I, too, experience the dreaded “writer’s block.” But what I know from past experience is the only way to get out of that and get through it is just to start writing… anything. So here I am.  That’s what I’m doing right now, and you’re witnessing the process, so if you’re interested, let me take you with me.

This actually reminds me […]

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Fear: Keep It In Perspective. Keep It Present.

With all of the ebola news, it’s very easy to get caught up in fear. I admit, that even I, who prides myself in staying present and as much out of fear as possible, had a twinge of “oh my god” when I heard of it coming into the United States. It was in that same moment that I said to myself, “Lisa, you risk your life everyday by getting into a car… or even the bathtub. Keep it in perspective. Keep it present.”

That’s the thing about issues like this. Though a serious matter to be aware of and […]

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