Coronavirus… Mother Earth’s Time-Out for Humanity

Copy of Let's do it! Get ready for our Full Moon Hike & Meditation!

Whether you’re a parent, a school teacher or just an adult who’s been around kids, we all know that every once in awhile kids need a time-out.

I will never forget when my dear nephew was about 8 […]

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When Life Takes the Turn You Never Saw Coming: Lisa Brisse’s Journey, Part 1

There are a few distinct moments that changed my life forever…

Clearly, one was the day I was born. Another was when I was 20 and moved myself to California not having a job, not knowing a soul, but having a dream. Another was on May 29th, 2017… the day when Little Miss, my dearest friend and companion of […]

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Keep It Moving… Little Miss’s Latest Teaching on Love: May 29, 2019


Little Miss at the age of 35 in 2016. She lived to 36 and found her angel wings on May 29, 2017. She is dearly missed but is forever present through her continued signs and messages from the other side.

Special Note: Today (May 29th, 2019) marks two years […]

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The Wonderful Gift of Pain & the Body’s Power to Heal

The power that made the body is the power that heals the body.

Have you ever pondered the Wonderful Gift of Pain?

As we know, pain is a part of life, but have you ever pondered that beyond the typical annoyance that we experience with pain—be it physical or emotional—that there might actually […]

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The 11th Hour… Are We Listening? A Reflection of the Divided States of America

Independence day. Liberty enlightening the world

“One Nation… under God… with Liberty and Justice for all.”


It is the 11th Hour… Are we listening? 

With all the “back n’ forth” being thrown around lately, in regard to kneeling for the National Anthem or not, […]

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