The Wonderful Gift of Pain & the Body’s Power to Heal

The power that made the body is the power that heals the body.

Have you ever pondered the Wonderful Gift of Pain?

As we know, pain is a part of life, but have you ever pondered that beyond the typical annoyance that we experience with pain—be it physical or emotional—that there might actually […]

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The 11th Hour… Are We Listening? A Reflection of the Divided States of America

Independence day. Liberty enlightening the world

“One Nation… under God… with Liberty and Justice for all.”


It is the 11th Hour… Are we listening? 

With all the “back n’ forth” being thrown around lately, in regard to kneeling for the National Anthem or not, […]

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A Life Well Lived: The Heartbreak & Beauty of Saying Goodbye to Little Miss

In her corral that morning having a heart to heart. “I know your tired, Horse. I know it’s time. You’ve lived it well. Thank you for all you have given me. I am forever grateful. Let’s do this with grace and dignity.” Sigh…           […]

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A Life of Togetherness & the Profound Love of Letting Go

Saying Goodbye to Miss
Saying goodbye to my sweetest girl ever. Ah, what a life! I will love you forever, Little Miss. Forever. May 29th, 2017

Life is not for the faint of heart. And neither is love. Especially when a love is so great, […]

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Re-Write Your Story: A Shot of Inspiration for Starting the New Year!

inspiration-wordsIt’s that time of year when many people contemplate making changes for themselves… this is an inspiring story. Whether it’s weight or anything in your life that you want to change, know that it is possible and if you’ve tried before but didn’t “succeed,” it’s easy to understand that you […]

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