Heaven Can Wait: Little Miss’s Decision to Stay


Little Miss & Lisa, July 31st, 2016. Photo taken by Stacey Whittle & adjusted with a filter.

Heaven can wait…

That is apparently what Little Miss concluded that warm July evening a couple of months ago when her and I laid together on her bed of straw. Her in […]

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Being Kindness: Using the Four Agreements to Create Peace in One’s Life


The world can feel like a mighty harsh place. In fact, it can often feel cruel and unkind, not just on a global scale, but even more so on a personal one. There’s lots of “wars” going on “out there,” but more importantly, they are often going on right in […]

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In Sickness & in Health: A Heartfelt Walk Through Love & Reflection…


Little Miss under her tree getting lots of needed rest. It’s been her most challenging time of her whole life other than her first year when she was left to die. That is when I found her 34 years ago.

Sitting by my Little Miss while she lays […]

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Kids & Summer Camp! Not Just Building Character, But Building Our Future!

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 1.51.03 PM

“Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone. This simple goodness shines straight from their hearts. Being with them connects us to the deeper wisdom of life. These children are a reminder of the preciousness of all […]

Is Your Body, Mind & Soul Yearning for a Cleanse?


Could you use a vacation? A time to relax and get away from all the stresses and demands of everyday life? An opportunity to re-set, re-charge and re-new your body, mind & soul?

Do you ever think of your amazing body and all that it does for […]

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