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Coronavirus… Mother Earth’s Time-Out for Humanity

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Whether you’re a parent, a school teacher or just an adult who’s been around kids, we all know that every once in awhile kids need a time-out.

I will never forget when my dear nephew was about 8 or 9 years old. We were visiting family back in Minnesota and I happened to be “babysitting” him and his little cousin who, up until that moment, had spent 24/7 together for the previous several days. During these few hours […]

When Life Takes the Turn You Never Saw Coming: Lisa Brisse’s Journey, Part 1

There are a few distinct moments that changed my life forever…

Clearly, one was the day I was born. Another was when I was 20 and moved myself to California not having a job, not knowing a soul, but having a dream. Another was on May 29th, 2017… the day when Little Miss, my dearest friend and companion of 35 years, crossed over from this life into the next. That one cut deep into my soul and literally shifted my personal world off its axis; it’s been a journey for the last two years to find my new normal. […]

Keep It Moving… Little Miss’s Latest Teaching on Love: May 29, 2019


Little Miss at the age of 35 in 2016. She lived to 36 and found her angel wings on May 29, 2017. She is dearly missed but is forever present through her continued signs and messages from the other side.

Special Note: Today (May 29th, 2019) marks two years since my precious Little Miss crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. I can hardly believe it’s been two years. Where does the time go? I will be the first to say it’s been the most challenging and life changing two years […]

The Wonderful Gift of Pain & the Body’s Power to Heal

The power that made the body is the power that heals the body.

Have you ever pondered the Wonderful Gift of Pain?

As we know, pain is a part of life, but have you ever pondered that beyond the typical annoyance that we experience with pain—be it physical or emotional—that there might actually be a gift?

Now you might be thinking, what could possibly be the gift of pain? Well, let’s face it, nothing calls our attention quite like pain. Am I right? Whether it’s just a dull ache that cramps our style, or it’s […]

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The 11th Hour… Are We Listening? A Reflection of the Divided States of America

Independence day. Liberty enlightening the world

“One Nation… under God… with Liberty and Justice for all.”


It is the 11th Hour… Are we listening? 

With all the “back n’ forth” being thrown around lately, in regard to kneeling for the National Anthem or not, I find myself curious… genuinely curious…

In our relationship with one’s partner/spouse, do you get to say whatever you want, whenever you want, even when it hurts your partner? Do you brush them off? Berate or invalidate their feelings? […]

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A Life Well Lived: The Heartbreak & Beauty of Saying Goodbye to Little Miss

In her corral that morning having a heart to heart. “I know your tired, Horse. I know it’s time. You’ve lived it well. Thank you for all you have given me. I am forever grateful. Let’s do this with grace and dignity.” Sigh…               Memorial Day, Monday, May 29th, 2017.

The two most sacred moments of our life in this world is the moment we are born and the moment we leave. And if we are lucky enough, we are cradled […]

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A Life of Togetherness & the Profound Love of Letting Go

Saying Goodbye to Miss
Saying goodbye to my sweetest girl ever. Ah, what a life! I will love you forever, Little Miss. Forever. May 29th, 2017

Life is not for the faint of heart. And neither is love. Especially when a love is so great, it calls you to let your loved one go.

As many of you know, this is exactly what I had to do on Monday, May 29th, 2017… Memorial Day. I had to give, Little Miss, my most precious, life-long […]

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Re-Write Your Story: A Shot of Inspiration for Starting the New Year!

inspiration-wordsIt’s that time of year when many people contemplate making changes for themselves… this is an inspiring story. Whether it’s weight or anything in your life that you want to change, know that it is possible and if you’ve tried before but didn’t “succeed,” it’s easy to understand that you may have doubt or question if it’s even possible or if you will ever be able to follow through with what you truly desire. But I’m here to tell you that you can!

Maybe you didn’t follow through because you weren’t […]

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President of Myself… Being the Change to a More Peaceful World

Regardless of where are you stand on the political spectrum, I believe there is one thing that has become quite clear in the last month or so. To rely on the President of the United States – or any world leader – to bring the illusion of peace and safety to your life and heart is simply impossible. Never has this been more true than right now.

But the reality is, this has always been the case and chances are, we just didn’t realize it until now. The truth has always been that so much of life is out of […]

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What is Revealed Will Be Healed: Paving the Way for LOVE


Needless to say, it’s been a tumultuous two weeks. Never have I experienced — at least in my 47 years — a time when our country has encountered such a drastic and surreal shift that has essentially provoked the sleeping lion. It is an uprising, if you will – a calling of urgency to each and every one of us to not only pay attention, but rather to wake up and give attention to that which is most needed.

As a person who has always strived for love, kindness and equality […]

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