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Heaven Can Wait: Little Miss’s Decision to Stay


Little Miss & Lisa, July 31st, 2016. Photo taken by Stacey Whittle & adjusted with a filter.

Heaven can wait…

That is apparently what Little Miss concluded that warm July evening a couple of months ago when her and I laid together on her bed of straw. Her in obvious pain and what appeared to be unbearable suffering, and me sobbing my eyes out in heart-wrenching shock that this — after 34 years of being together in this lifetime – could be the moment… the moment when our illustrious, […]

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Being Kindness: Using the Four Agreements to Create Peace in One’s Life


The world can feel like a mighty harsh place. In fact, it can often feel cruel and unkind, not just on a global scale, but even more so on a personal one. There’s lots of “wars” going on “out there,” but more importantly, they are often going on right in our own backyard.

What I know for sure is that no matter who we are, what we own, what our financial status is — or any other status for that matter — every single human being is fighting some battle within. […]

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In Sickness & in Health: A Heartfelt Walk Through Love & Reflection…


Little Miss under her tree getting lots of needed rest. It’s been her most challenging time of her whole life other than her first year when she was left to die. That is when I found her 34 years ago.

Sitting by my Little Miss while she lays under her big, comforting oak tree, I find myself pondering and reflecting on so much. Mostly, our life together – 34 years and counting – and the true commitment of love… a “marriage” of sorts… and in particular, the phrase, […]

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Kids & Summer Camp! Not Just Building Character, But Building Our Future!

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 1.51.03 PM

“Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone. This simple goodness shines straight from their hearts. Being with them connects us to the deeper wisdom of life. These children are a reminder of the preciousness of all life, especially young lives untouched by hatred, prejudice and greed. Now, when the world is so confused and its problems so complicated, we need our children more than ever. Their natural wisdom points the way to solutions that lie waiting […]

Is Your Body, Mind & Soul Yearning for a Cleanse?


Could you use a vacation? A time to relax and get away from all the stresses and demands of everyday life? An opportunity to re-set, re-charge and re-new your body, mind & soul?

Do you ever think of your amazing body and all that it does for you every single day? Somehow it handles all of our use and “abuse” in stride and takes care of things for us, seamlessly, without us ever taking notice. Until…  until it shuts down through illness, injury, fatigue or dis-ease.


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Head to Heart: A Shift That Transforms You & the World

HEAD TO HEART LOGO BK BGLife is one hell of an adventure. We never know what it will bring or when. We never know where it’s about to take us or why, at least in the moment that it’s happening.

Ever since I was 18 and started questioning so much, wondering what life really is about – which began my insatiable need to read almost every book on the meaning of life throughout my twenties and early thirties – I have kept my mind and heart open to this never-ending, unfolding […]

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Transforming Ourselves & Our Lives… For Real: Thoughts on Starting a New Year

beliefAnyone can lose weight at any time. No matter what. Anyone can change their lives for the better at any time. No matter what. Anyone can transform themselves in a profound and permanent way at any time. No matter what.

It is true. Do you believe it? Where does your mind go when you read that? Does it feel like truth or does your mind quickly remind you of your doubts and, in turn, limit what you believe is possible for yourself?

Though the truth is we are all capable of SO […]

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Simple, But Not Easy: A Comment About Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes Last!

Working in the field of health & fitness, I am hardly a stranger to people’s struggles and challenges in how to establish healthy lifestyle habits that allow someone to experience the results and goals they truly desire – weight loss being a huge one – but also how to truly integrate them and make it a part of one’s daily life for a lifetime.

Let’s face it. If it were easy, I wouldn’t have a career in this field! So, yes, it’s not easy, but it is simple.

Wait… what on earth do I mean by that? Isn’t easy and simple […]

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Living with Your Heart On the Line: No Greater Gift

Heart in sand

Photo Credit: Stacey Whittle

What does it mean to put your heart on the line? To live your life with heart? To put yourself out there to life despite the fear and as Nike says, “Just do it!”

Along that vein, I have been given one of the greatest gifts on this planet, and for those rare few who have had a similar experience, you would probably agree.

What am I talking about?

Growing up with horses, and especially in knowing my Little Miss for 34 years […]

My Heart Cries for Our Collective Heart

hurting heartI admit that I am struggling. I admit that my heart is hurting… once again. Nothing pains me more than to hear of yet another mass shooting in our country. As an empath, I can’t help but feel the insurmountable pain a family member or friend goes through to learn that a loved one has been killed in this way, yet again… something that numbingly seems to be becoming a regular occurrence in our country.

Yes, it pains my heart a great deal because in our collective heart, we are […]