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The Camino: Reflections of the Way


Me, as a Pilgrim along the Camino de Santiago

Well, it’s been a week since I have been back from walking the Camino with my aunt Diane. A whole week. And yet, ironically, somehow it feels like I’m still there walking the Way. The truth is I have dreamed about it every single night since I’ve been back. Every. Single. Night. And it isn’t just one of those quick, flash-in-the pan dreams. No. It’s the WHOLE night… walking it. Yes. The whole night. Sometimes it looks like the […]

The Camino: 9.9-9.10.15

Note:  so sorry I am not including pics in this blog! The wifi at this hostel is weak and to upload one picture may take hours! Ugh!  Sorry! Love to give visuals to go with the stories. I’ll have to post the pictures another time… In the meantime, please forgive any other typos or weird phrases, as usual. The iPhone is not ideal for this kind of thing! With that said, read on…

September 9, 2015
9:02 am
We left our hostel about 30 minutes ago. The second we stepped out the door and started walking, Diane said she needed a good […]

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The Camino: 9.8.15



September 8, 2015
10:28 am
Here we are walking again in the countryside. It feels so good to be walking again after a day of rest in Pamplona. It’s interesting how one really misses the rhythm of walking and just being out in the quiet after a day of not. Though the day of rest was needed and it was interesting to see Pamplona — it’s a beautiful city — I definitely was ready to get out of the noise and busyness and […]

The Camino: 9.5-9.6 2015


Here are my latest notes from our walk along the Way. Please forgive any typos as I am doing this all by phone! Just a tiny bit maddening! :)

September 5, 2015
8:16 am
Here we are walking through a little village. We just stopped at a cute little supermercado and got some breakfast. We got some yogurt, apples, turkey, freshly made bread (my god is there any better smell on the planet?) and water. I loved this place. The owner was a jolly man maybe in his 40s or r50s. He had […]

The Camino: Days 1 & 2

imageDisclaimer: I am dictating these notes into my phone so please forgive any typos or weird phrases or words! Ha! Just had to say that! These are my notes from the last two days – our first official days on the Camino. Whew!!! I’m feeling it! Also, the wifi is spotty and wasn’t able to insert more pics but will try later.

Anyway, read on…

September 3, 2015.

9:04 am here we are heading out of St. Jean Pied de Port. Diane had her pack shipped to our auberge in Orisson, half way […]

The Camino Journey: 9.1.15

imageOk… Getting internet service will be a challenge from this point forward so I am dictating this on my phone and copying and pasting while I have a window! With that disclaimer, please excuse all typos! Here is a recollection of our day yesterday. Enjoy!

September 1st 11:05 am
Here we are, Diane and I on our train from Barcelona to Pamplona. I love being on a train. There is nothing quite like it… Sitting in our seats just watching the beautiful countryside go by. Nowhere else to be in this moment. […]

Spain Adventure 2015: Day 2































So I write this as I sit by the pond across the street of the breathtaking Sagrada Familia church on a beautifully warm summer evening. I found out at our visit here yesterday that they held masses open to the public at certain times each day. Today’s mass was 8:15 in the evening and even though I am not a practicing Catholic, I felt compelled to come here tonight for a few other reasons…

1) Because I am here in this very special place. What other reason needs to be, really? […]

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Barcelona: Day 1


Diane and I on our tour bus!

So today was day one with my aunt Diane in Barcelona, Spain. I had been to Barcelona many years ago on my after college backpacking trip in 1993. I don’t remember many of the details but what I did remember was absolutely loving Barcelona! Well, today, 22 years later, that was reconfirmed and then some! I love this city! Talk about cultured, colorful, classy and full of life!

Diane and I played tourist in the biggest way and took a double-decker bus […]

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On the Way to Spain: 8.28.15


Overlooking Machu Picchu 2010

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”
–Paulo Coelho

Nothing could be more true.

Life… it’s here to be lived. Not feared. Yet too often, we are taught to fear.

I understand fear. I have it too. I know how it feels just as much as the next person and I hate […]

Exercise… Punishment or Rejuvenation?

yes blogI have worked in the field of health & fitness for nearly 22 years now and through my own wellness journey, I have evolved in my approach to exercise. In my 20′s and 30′s I did what we are taught in our society, “no pain, no gain,” meaning if you aren’t “killing” yourself, you’re not getting any benefit.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I do understand the mentality, of course…  you have to challenge yourself and get out of the comfort zone a bit to make changes in your […]