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Whether you’re a parent, a school teacher or just an adult who’s been around kids, we all know that every once in awhile kids need a time-out.

I will never forget when my dear nephew was about 8 or 9 years old. We were visiting family back in Minnesota and I happened to be “babysitting” him and his little cousin who, up until that moment, had spent 24/7 together for the previous several days. During these few hours that I happened to be with them, they just got so wound up and out of control. Irritating each other. Fighting. Not playing well any longer and as the adult in the room, I made the executive decision that they were done; it was time for these two to have a day a part so they could settle back down, be quiet with themselves, and frankly, just regroup.

I will never forget my nephew’s reaction when his cousin left. He burst into tears and just said, “I don’t know what’s gotten in to me. I just don’t feel myself!” Wow. What awareness for such a young little man. I thought. That’s when I invited him to the couch and we had a little compassionate discussion about life. Essentially, that all was okay, he was fine, but sometimes we all just need to take a time-out to take a break, re-assess and get back to ourselves. I told him that when they would see each other the next day, they’d both be rested and raring to go once again, back to playing and having fun, but it was important to just have some quiet time to be with one’s self.

At his young little age, I could tell he understood, and once he accepted, he enjoyed his mellow, inward day… totally content and happy. And sure enough, the next day, he was excited to be with his cousin again with a whole renewed spirit and appreciation for his little buddy!

So what on earth does this have to do with the coronavirus? Well, for those of you who know me as the intuitive, empathic soul that I am, I always believe there’s a deeper purpose and reasoning to what is happening in our personal lives… and in this particular case, our global lives.

What came crystal clear to me the other day is that our collective mother, Mother Earth, has decided in all of her deep love and wisdom for her children, that it was time for her to give humanity a little time-out. Why? Because apparently, as a species, we’ve gotten a bit unruly, irritable, and profoundly disconnected from each other and ourselves (especially from her too), not to mention, we seem to have lost perspective.

What have human beings been doing with each other for eons? Fighting! Whether it’s religion, politics, race, gender, superiority, culture, financial status, nationality, you name it, it seems we, as a species, can’t seem to “play nice” with each other. Nope. Instead, we are drama queens. We are addicted to having “issues” with each other. We are addicted to needing to be “right” and for others to be “wrong.” We seem hell-bent on being scared of each other, making the space of separation as big as possible. We build walls. We have borders. We even spend trillions of dollars on military and have enough bombs that could blow up this planet several times over, all in the name of “protecting ourselves”. From who? Our own siblings in Mother Earth’s family of humanity? Meanwhile, we end up destroying ourselves, hurting each other, and painfully, neglecting the only planet that gives us life… that is our home. OMG! Have we ALL lost our minds? Or more true to the point, is it that we have forgotten our hearts? We seem to forget that we are all one; one family; one world; one planet; one collective entity. O-N-E.

Mother Earth knows. She knows our deepest truths. She knows who we are to the core. She knows that we are because She is. She knows it is she who lovingly gives us life with her air, food, and water. She knows that just like we are profoundly connected to our actual earthly mother who brought us into this world, that we are equally connected to our Mother Earth… and what we do affects her and what she does affects us. She’s been giving us the signs for years. She’s been trying to show us how we, as a species, have lost our way… badly. She’s been allowing and hoping we would get it through our own evolution and self awareness, but she is also seeing clearly that… we’re not. Just like a mother who doesn’t want to have to give us kids a time-out, but is left with no choice, here we are… left with having to settle down. To get quiet. To go within. To take some time to get out of the stories and storms of our minds. To reflect. To remember what is really important. And maybe, to even recognize that, no matter who we are on this planet, or where we are… what language we speak, what color is our skin, what version of God we believe, that we are ALL THE SAME. One planet. One world. Our world. Together. Not apart. We can’t survive, much less thrive if we don’t get this EVER SO IMPORTANT truth.

Personally, as a teenager back in the ‘80s, I already felt a deep ache in me as I observed how we were treating each other, but also how we were treating our planet and our beloved animals. It pained me a great deal. Already back then I knew that we, humans, had so much potential for greatness, but why did we seem intent on spending precious life force and energy in fighting each other? I could never understand. I often questioned the endless “war games” nations have been playing since the beginning of time, stemming from a “might is right” mentality, which ironically stems from deep insecurity and fear. This is psychology 101. It was obvious to me.

I also wondered back then what it would take for the world to actually embrace and celebrate our differences instead of the fatiguing and hugely unnecessary and destructive bickering. What would actually make us come together for a greater cause? Was it even possible? I thought, maybe if we were invaded by aliens and our planet was vulnerable to a whole other species from another world. Yeah. That would bring the world together pretty quickly on a united front. But never did I imagine it would be something so small… so miniscule… so microscopic and yet… oh, so beyond powerful. Even all of the borders, walls and military can’t “protect” us from this one. I mean, really… isn’t it ironic? Quite profound when you think about it.

These tiny little entities made from the Mother have something to say… a message we have no choice but to listen to. Mother Earth needed to give humanity one big time-out, and not one person is exempt. Not one. Isn’t that amazing? This little virus sees no race, religion, political ideas, gender, income levels, nations, nothing. It reminds us humans that despite the fears of each other that we’ve made up in our heads, we are all in this together. None of us are immune. It’s to remind us of our humanity. To remember that our self-righteous views hold no basis at this time, or anytime. To remember that we are all equal. All the same. One world. One planet. One family.

Can we all just get along?

We, as humans, have simply gotten way too big for our britches. Yes, we are capable of so much amazingness when we choose to be. But, man, how often are we choosing to be? Not very often. In the process we’ve forgotten what’s really important—love—and… as well as who’s really in charge. Who really has the last say when push comes to shove? Who really can give all of humanity a time-out like nobody’s business? Yep. Our beloved Mother Earth. She IS our truth and she knows what’s best… for all of us and for the evolution of our world that we share, together.

To be honest, I’ve had to thank my cancer for stopping me in my tracks to help me to see where I had gotten off-center in myself. I see what’s happening on our planet now as the same thing. I believe we need to thank the coronavirus for reminding us of the truth of who we are and to get back into our heart… our collective and connected heart. And when we get right with our heart, as Marianne Williamson says, “we are powerful beyond measure.” Can we truly accept and receive our greatness when we all put down our differences and fears and instead, work together? I don’t know. This is up to each and every one of us.

All I know is Mother Earth has given us a huge time-out. Not a punishment, just a time-out. And how blessed are we because of it!

We are the world; we are the children. And when we heal our heart, we heal our world.

Love and light to all! –Lisa Brisse, Santa Monica, CA

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