Fitness Assessments



What is a Fitness Assessment?

A fitness assessment starts with a comprehensive health history and goal intake questionnaire and includes a battery of fitness tests to assess your current cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength & endurance, flexibility & body composition. After your Fitness Assessment we will then provide with your personalized Fitness Profile that will explain all of the tests in detail specific to you. This will show you how you compare to others your age and gender, what your specific goals should be in each aspect of fitness, in addition to recommendations on how to get you to a healthy level of fitness.

Why is it important & how does it benefit you?

In order to successfully prescribe and design a specific exercise program that is safe, effective & addresses your specific health issues and fitness goals, it is important for an exercise physiologist to establish a baseline of your current fitness level through which progress can be assessed and determined. With follow-up re-assessments you will then be able to see measurable progress and change over time.

How long does it take & what is the cost?

Your health & well-being is our #1 priority, thereby to ensure we thoroughly understand your needs, concerns, as well as your lifestyle, we spend 90 minutes with your assessment. We want to learn as much about you to best match the right program to your lifestyle!

Cost: $295.00


Good through January 31st, 2016

(*NOTE: Discounted in Our Intro Start-Up Package!)


The Intro Start-UP Package

The Intro Start-UP Package includes a 90-minute Fitness Assessment, 3 Personal One-on-One Training Sessions, & Exercise Program Design. This basic package is the perfect way to get started on your WAY to WELLNESS!

Cost: $495