hurting heartI admit that I am struggling. I admit that my heart is hurting… once again. Nothing pains me more than to hear of yet another mass shooting in our country. As an empath, I can’t help but feel the insurmountable pain a family member or friend goes through to learn that a loved one has been killed in this way, yet again… something that numbingly seems to be becoming a regular occurrence in our country.

Yes, it pains my heart a great deal because in our collective heart, we are all one, and that means if my fellow being is hurting, so am I; their pain is my pain which is amplified by the fact that it’s so profoundly unnecessary. And yet, there is something even more upsetting than this that pains my heart. It is a society that is made up of many who, regardless of lives lost – a parent’s child, a brother, sister, best friend, grandchild, student, teacher, etc – will still stand firm and obstinately defensive, while appearing incredibly heartless to maintain their position and continued idol worship of guns, claiming one’s “Constitutional Rights” as though no other Constitutional Rights have EVER been changed throughout history (resulting from obvious outdatedness) like… oh, you know… a woman’s right to vote.

Really? Are we that barbaric? Are we that heartless? Are we that stuck in our fear and insecurity to illogically hold steadfast to the illusion that a gun actually makes one safer and, as a result, trumps any sense of humanity whatsoever? To the point that it is basically the biggest, uncaring, slap in the faces of those who just lost their loved ones to another gun? And yes, by another mentally ill human being who got a HOLD of a gun because it is just WAY too easy and accessible in this country.

I am left shaking my head in sheer disbelief.

For those of you who know me, you know I RARELY express political or religious views because I have committed my life to living from the heart… which to me is living life from a place of peace, connectedness and love for all and the world. I have committed my life to “being the change I wish to see in the world,” so regardless of one’s political or religious views, I can still love all; I can still be your friend. But sometimes, when it’s really important, LOVE asks to speak up and step out.

Guns. They were and are designed to kill. To destroy life. From an energetic standpoint, guns do NOT emanate peace or love. The energy of a gun is violent. There is no other purpose for a gun than to kill. And of course, if it was up to me, guns would be gone from this planet… gone from this Universe or any other Universes that may exist. But I know that until the human species strives for a greater consciousness that embodies a vibration that is truly about “peace and goodwill to men,” this will not happen. So… until that time of our potential evolved consciousness, we still have guns.

So what are we going to do? Just stand their screaming for our Constitutional Rights while ignoring the people who are in incredible pain because of yet another gun????

Oh yes… but guns don’t kill people. Hmmm… last time I checked, they do. Guns DO kill people when they are in the hands of the mentally ill. And the point being, ONCE AGAIN, because the mentally ill can get a gun anywhere at any time because there are NO regulations and restrictions. Wow. That makes a whole lot of sense. Really? How can certain people continue to use this justification while your fellow human beings cry in pain at the loss of their child? Gosh, thank God it’s them and not us. UGH.

Once again, my heart hurts. Because these justifications don’t come from the heart; they come from a fearful mind that is not FEELING into what is happening here. I am sorry… a heart that feels can not and will not let those erroneous justifications (my Constitutional Rights… please… ) get in the way of what is REAL. What is TRUE. What is incredibly WRONG with this picture.

We are a country that glorifies – GLORIFIES – violence. Look at our movies. Look at our video games. Look at how we treat each other. Where is REAL connection… through the heart? And for those who hold steady to the Bible verses… 1st Commandment: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” As well as that part that says we shouldn’t be worshipping any other idols? Except for a gun. I guess that’s ok.

I’m sorry… I’m just in pain. My heart is hurting because of what I am seeing and what I am feeling in my own beautiful country of the United States of America. According to how the laws in this country are set up right now, I guess instead of God bless, America, it’s God bless our guns.

Stop with the Constitution. It’s outdated. Stop the craziness. It’s killing innocent people. Stop the justifications. It’s sounding more mentally ill than the ones who actually are.

And to the responsible, sensible gun owners (some who are in my own family) who also believe in gun restrictive laws for the greater good of our society, thank you.

I just pray our heart and humanity will soon transcend this utter senselessness.

God bless and help us all.