Working in the field of health & fitness, I am hardly a stranger to people’s struggles and challenges in how to establish healthy lifestyle habits that allow someone to experience the results and goals they truly desire – weight loss being a huge one – but also how to truly integrate them and make it a part of one’s daily life for a lifetime.

Let’s face it. If it were easy, I wouldn’t have a career in this field! So, yes, it’s not easy, but it is simple.

Wait… what on earth do I mean by that? Isn’t easy and simple the same thing? No, not necessarily.

Let’s take weight loss, for example. It’s really simple. Weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance is a simple energy balance equation; it’s all about energy in versus energy out. Energy consumed versus energy expended. It is basic math… if we consume more energy (through what we eat and drink) than we what expend (through metabolism and physical activity/exercise), we gain weight. If we expend more than we consume, we lose weight. And if we consume on average the same amount we expend on a consistent day-to-day basis, we maintain our weight. Again, simple. But if it’s really that basic, why is it so difficult?

Well… that’s when life and other factors get in the way, and it is THIS that makes something that is really so “simple” be so incredibly challenging (and yes, frustrating, at times… probably MOST of the time!)!

But again, this is why there is a big need for personal trainers, fitness instructors, dietitians, and health/wellness/lifestyle coaches! In fact, it’s why there is a need for coaches of any kind! Coaches are there to guide and help us get through those challenges (and if we’re human, we all need help), to get through the tough times when it’s really easy to fall back into old habits and patterns that are self defeating and keep us stuck in our own muck!

That’s why having worked very closely with people of all ages, health issues and fitness levels over the years, I have observed and learned many things about human behavior. And being a human being myself, I know it very personally too! :) The truth is, we often know what we need to do (at least generally speaking) to take better care of ourselves on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – but implementing those things on a daily basis can be so difficult! I hear ya!

This is the reason why I want to share some key things I have learned over these years…  key reasons as to why it’s such a struggle so much of the time, but more importantly, simple things we can do to turn that ship around and start sailing in the direction we really want to go, once and for all! Yes, it IS possible and people do it all the time! But of course, it takes some work, but mostly awareness and attention to certain things about our humanness – things we are not often taught – that can truly change it all… for the better.

If you’re sick and tired of the emotional roller coaster and endless hamster wheel that doesn’t allow you to move beyond certain obstacles that keep you feeling exhausted, disappointed, and wondering if you’ll ever “get it,” please join me for my FREE online webinar this Monday, October 26th at 5:30 pm (PST) for some insight into YOU as well as some simple key action steps that you can start implementing and feeling better about yourself today!

It will be fun and better yet, it could be life changing!

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Hope to see you there!

Here’s to our amazing selves that are just waiting to come out and play!


Lisa Brisse
Exercise Physiologist, Wellness Coach & Founder, State of the Heart Fitness 
Author, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul