Jeanine Del Carlo

Certified Personal Trainer
Spin, Yoga, Fitness Instructor

Jeanine Del Carlo is a licensed NASM personal trainer that has changed lives and delivers the results when working one on one with her clients. She has worked in the Fitness Industry since 2004 beginning at Club Sport in Portland, Oregon and moving to Los Angeles where she now calls home. She is also a licensed Spinning and Yoga Instructor and has worked at some of the most successful Private Fitness Studios and Clubs of what Southern California has to offer.

Jeanine’s Spin Classes are high energy, positive, fun, uplifting, and have been known to play some of the best dance, hip-hop, pop, and rock music the world has to offer. Being a singer/songwriter gives her the musical ear to keep each class new, different, and musically pleasing to the ear. Her sold out spin classes rocked the rooms of “The Los Angeles and Beverly Hills Sports Club then to turn Equinox ” five days a week.

Jeanine has worked as a personal trainer since 2009 and is an athlete herself. “I train every week as if I was one of my clients, I lift weights, spin, take yoga and dance classes, and eat healthy. I want my clients to know that they too can have the body of their dreams,” she says.

Jeanine is licensed through Y.A.S. Yoga and Spinning and used to teach both at Y.A.S. in Venice CA when she moved to LA. She has also taught private yoga one on one at The Sports Club LA/Equinox to many of her past clients.

In addition to teaching exercise, Jeanine’s main love, talents and dreams lie in her music! She is an incredible songwriter and singer! To learn more about her musical career, click here: