Little Miss at the age of 35 in 2016. She lived to 36 and found her angel wings on May 29, 2017. She is dearly missed but is forever present through her continued signs and messages from the other side.

Special Note: Today (May 29th, 2019) marks two years since my precious Little Miss crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. I can hardly believe it’s been two years. Where does the time go? I will be the first to say it’s been the most challenging and life changing two years of my life. The “loss” of my dear sweet Miss began a cascade of various changes and losses in my life—one after another—that have plunged me into the depths of my heart and soul causing deep introspection of myself and my place in the world. It is so interesting how who we are and who we experience ourselves to be changes when the important souls and circumstances of our life change. But it is with every shift, that we get the opportunity to grow and though sometimes our heart is breaking, I choose to believe it is only aching because love is asking us to expand our capacity to love. Little Miss’s whole life was teaching me about love and she always stretched me in our 35 years together. She only continues her teachings today, just from the across the veil. I admit that I went “dark” in my blog writing in the last two years. I shared what I could on my Facebook page, but didn’t have the energy for much more. But it’s time again. Anyway… here is the latest of Little Miss’s life expanding teachings of love. Enjoy. I love you, sweet girl. Thank you for your continued love and guidance. It keeps me marching on. So much to share…


A faded picture of me and Little Miss on her grave this past Memorial Day Weekend.

Keep It Moving… Little Miss’s Latest Teaching on Love: May 29, 2019

“Keep it moving…” is what I heard and felt Little Miss say to me on Saturday. She was referring to the energy of love… that love is not meant to be held, rather it’s to be shared… with others… and to always keep it moving…

What was the context?

So, Memorial Day weekend two years ago was my last weekend on this earth with my sweet Miss… needless to say it was the most challenging weekend of my life. No new news here. Actually, this Wednesday, May 29th, is the exact date. My heart swells every time I think of that date and that day. It took the greatest amount of love and strength my heart could muster to stand there before her in those last few moments, thanking her for everything she had given to me—still that little 13 year old girl who still lives within me… the one who had a dream of a magical horse and a magical relationship. Whew. Well, I certainly got that dream. Needless to say, God sent me Miss and she did more than fulfill that little girl’s dream. She did way more than I could’ve ever dreamed of. Way more… and I look forward to taking you on our lifelong journey in our upcoming books (first one out by the end of this year…).

Anyway… two years since that day and weekend… she’s still taking me on the “Ride of My Life.” Still teaching me… guiding me… showing me that my heart is bigger than I can even grasp; she has a LOT of faith in me because sometimes it aches, as you know. But I know now that this is because it is expanding… growing… and opening… for even more love to flow through.

Hence, “keep it moving…”

Back to this Saturday. I was in Santa Ynez… the first weekend really since Josh passed on Easter Sunday (April 21st) that it really hit me that I don’t have another horse to give my time, energy, caring and love to. All of the weekends since, I’ve either been away or occupied with other things (like friends visiting) the valley, so I couldn’t really feel the “void.” But this weekend it hit me. Oooooh, it felt… weird… strange… empty… uncomfortable… I felt restless, as is common when we’re uncomfortable.

I’m always amazed how the exact same scenery can look different when we change… or our perception is adjusted in some way. Similar to what the late Wayne Dyer said, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change…”. It’s absolutely true. The Santa Ynez Valley is the same Santa Ynez Valley… as it has been for the last 30 years for me… but ever since Miss crossed over, and now Josh, it looks similar but feels strangely different thanks to that good ole constant called change. Always asking us to adjust and grow… at certain times more than others.

Anyway… so this Saturday… yeah. Uncomfortable. I actually didn’t really know what to do with myself. Where do I go? What do I “do”?

When we lose someone either through death or circumstance, we all know it can feel unbearable at times. Sometimes we wonder how we can go on. (Enter background music, “My Heart Will Go On” from the Titanic ). But… we do. One foot in front of the other. Still, it can be easy to want to shut down. To bury ourselves under the covers and just isolate in a protective womb. And sometimes, that’s what we do. Trust me, I’ve been there, more often than not in the last two years. I allow myself that from time to time when it is needed, but the same heart that feels broken, is the one that also calls me to rise up… to face the day and the moment at hand… and to still stay open to life… and it’s many many gifts. And mostly to love. I know when we’ve been hurt or feel loss, it’s so easy to stay stuck there. It really is. And we can. But, as soon as we do that, we begin to die. We do… a spiritual death. And for me, I have too much life to live to allow that to happen.

So, again, back to Saturday when around 5 in the afternoon, after taking a 2 hour nap at my mom’s, my heart said, “Get up. Go out to the pasture.” Okay. Not sure what I would do… maybe sit under the Magical Tree. Maybe go for a walk. I didn’t know. But my heart (or maybe it was Miss… most likely it was her, because that’s where she lives now… in my heart❤️), said “let’s go.”

Well, I went out there with my friend, Gigi, and I saw the little mini’s, the miniature horse and miniature donkey who have been living in Josh’s old pasture across the road for the last few months. There they stood, looking at us, so beyond cute. I said to Gig, “Let’s take them for a walk.” I texted their owner asking permission and she said, “PLEASE DO! They would love it.”

IMG_1564 2

Sweet little Jack and Bubble Butt… too funny. They were SO happy to be out for a walk. Everyone’s heart was lifted as the love was shared.

Omg. No words. None. The joy and excitement emanating from their little beings was beyond words. I could feel just how thrilled and happy they were that they were getting the attention and being taken for a walk to visit all the “friends” down the road… horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, cows… omg, they were in HEAVEN. My heart and my spirits lifted immediately. I couldn’t help my smile, and as I walked and smiled, I heard and felt Miss saying, “Keep it moving… love… it needs to move… it needs to be shared. There are always plenty who need to feel loved…so share it… give it… it is an energy that is not meant to be held, much less WITHHELD… it needs to flow. It is the ongoing energy of the universe that connects us all through our hearts.” And as we walked I could feel Miss… and Josh… and how happy they were that these little sweethearts were the recipients of love and attention in that moment. Everyone, in the physical and in spirit, was happy… and was filled, smiling. I felt chills as tears came to my eyes and my heart swelled… wow. The ongoingness of life and love. It’s beautiful. It’s the only thing that’s real in this life… certainly the only thing that matters. Because love makes us feel alive. It is life and in sharing love, we become one with life. What a gift.

So, just like Sultan left his body in 2014 so that Josh could experience love… Josh left his body so maybe I could share some love with these sweet little souls… Jack (the donkey) and Bubble Butt (Yep! That’s the little mini pony’s name! And he responds to it! Cracks me up… no pun intended!).

Anyway… Miss continues to teach and to share her love… always and in all ways. Right, Horse? ❤️


Rose petals placed on Little Miss’s grave.

As a side note: when we were done walking them, Gig checks her steps she walked for the day and was excited to see she had 10,833 steps. I immediately said, “33? Interesting.” . She got it… that’s one of Miss’s signs to me… to let me know she’s right there. Ha!! Clever, Horse. Very creative. She was right there walking with us the whole time.

Also… and we were treated to a full rainbow over Little Miss’s Magical Tree to finish it off. Another sign from her that she was very happy. All is well.

IMG_1545 2

Rainbow over Little Miss’s Magical Tree May 26, 2019



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