Most Requested Topics:

Movement Equals Life: Making Movement a Part of Your Lifestyle for a Lifetime

We are meant to move because life IS movement. It is constantly changing and always evolving, and so do we. Research is showing that sitting is considered the new smoking, meaning that a sedentary lifestyle is as destructive to our health as smoking. Find out how to get over ourselves and our resistance and make movement a part of our daily life… find out to how to get moving and making it a lifestyle for a lifetime! 

If We Know WHAT to Do, Why Don’t We Do It?

Isn’t this the million-dollar question − in every area of our lives? What does it take to change our habits? How do our thoughts, emotions and attitudes affect our health on every level? Learn how to let go of the emotional and mental blockages that get in the way of making healthy and lasting lifestyle changes. Explore the science behind the mind-body connection and the physiology of what it takes to change – for the better.

LIFE BALANCE: Putting YOU at the Heart & Health of Your Life

What does it mean to live our lives with balance? How does it look? How does it feel?  Is it achievable? YES!  Discover the joy of “living a life of balance” and experience the “effortlessness” and inspiration that balance can provide in your daily life. Includes a 15-minute breathing and progressive relaxation session.

Magic & Miracles: Making the Shift from Head to Heart

Are our lives meant to be routine and mundane? Or is living a life of deep fulfillment, happiness and joy – a life of magic and miracles − available to each one of us right now? The answer is an overwhelming YES!  If you aren’t experiencing this, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get yourself out of the way and let your greatness step in.  Discover how to make the most important shift of your life – the shift from head to heart – and allow your life to come alive. It’s time to get on your own personal “magic carpet” and experience everyday miracles.


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