Mikey Budd

Michael Budd, better known as Mikey, cultivated his love for fitness as a kid playing sports including basketball and soccer while growing up in New Jersey. As he was attending high school in Florida, Mikey ran competitively in track and field for distance running and in 2006 he was named one of the top 100 power weightlifters, pound for pound, in the state of Florida. His passion for exercise only grew stronger during college and even after graduating from Loyola University in Chicago (degree in Communications), he continued to run in events such as the New York City 10K and the Chicago Marathon.

After running the Detroit Marathon in 2012, Mikey suffered a knee injury that marginalized his workouts and completely eliminated his love of running. It was during this time, he discovered what he considers to be his two saving graces: yoga and cycling. The discipline of body postures in yoga allowed Mikey to understand how running and weightlifting affected his body and more importantly how he could regain control over his health and limitations. But it was cycling that put Mikey back on his feet for more foot races.

Cycling, unlike its impact-heavy counterpart, added more volume and intensity to training without the soreness or inflammation of running so much, allowing him to preform at his absolute best. This breakthrough of knowledge led Mikey to his eureka moment saying, “people need to know about this!” He began teaching indoor cycling and personal training to educate, motivate, and not let injuries or insecurities stop any person from living the happiest and healthiest lives they possibly can.

Mikey is an ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) certified Personal Trainer and received his yoga teacher training certification under Steve Ross and Ishmael Moran of Maha yoga.

With a fitness background of over 10 years, Mikey is very passionate about a happy and healthy life, whether its to get physically, emotionally, or mentally healthier. His classes are a hybrid between a dance party and challenge that keeps you coming back for more fun and to keep finding inspiration in unexpected places.

Welcome Mikey! We’re happy to have you on board!

NOTE: Mikey will be taking over Rob’s Saturday morning spin class (8am) as we support Rob in pursuing other career interests. Rob will continue to be a part of our team, but on a more limited basis. Thank you Rob for being a part of our team for the last six years!