Could you use a vacation? A time to relax and get away from all the stresses and demands of everyday life? An opportunity to re-set, re-charge and re-new your body, mind & soul?

Do you ever think of your amazing body and all that it does for you every single day? Somehow it handles all of our use and “abuse” in stride and takes care of things for us, seamlessly, without us ever taking notice. Until…  until it shuts down through illness, injury, fatigue or dis-ease.

When it comes to the word “cleanse,” most people have a tendency to cringe, especially in regard to food and eating. One of the immediate thoughts and images that come up for them is deprivation and yes, it is true. Some “cleanse” programs are about fasting and only drinking juice or various choices of foods for days. But that isn’t the cleanse I am referring to.

Ever since November, I, along with my long-time colleague, Registered Dietitian and Medical Nutrition Therapist, Stacey Whittle, have been conducting our ONLINE GROUP CLEANSE program and it has been a great experience so far.

As Stacey comments,

“I don’t really like the word, ‘cleanse’ because it implies deprivation. Yes, we are taking away some of the common inflammatory foods, such as caffeine, sugar, and alcohol, but for the most part, on this program, people are eating lots of fruits, veggies, lean meats and whole grains, along with taking their daily protein shakes,” she says. “All we are doing on this 14 day cleanse is giving our body, the digestive system, and our liver some time to rest and regroup from all of the normal ‘junk’ we feed it everyday. Most people don’t realize,” she continues, “how much we are overloading and taxing our digestive system and liver without even thinking twice about it. Sometimes I wish we could see the inside of our body and take a good look at our organs to realize what we are actually doing to them. We just take our body for granted that this is what it does – it processes and cleanses those toxins out for us – but, unfortunately, at a price over time.”

Hence, the reason why we continue to offer the online group cleanse programs on a regular basis. Just like we go on vacations to give our minds a rest from our daily routine and stresses, it only makes sense to do a cleanse for our body - especially the liver, the body’s huge filtering system – to give it some time heal. Eating highly processed foods (i.e.. sugar, fat, etc) along with consuming daily doses of alcohol and caffeine, in addition to red meat makes the liver work extra hard… almost non-stop! It’s no wonder that after years of taking our body for granted, it starts to break down and often much, much earlier in life than necessary.

People who do the cleanse are experience weight loss, better sleep, more energy as well as relief from digestive issues. It is a great way to re-set and re-center ourselves, while creating a profound opportunity to do something really good for our body, mind and soul.


During this program, besides just focusing on shifting one’s eating patterns for a couple of weeks, Stacey and I also offer education and guidance in helping our clients tune in and listen to something even greater — one’s authentic self. So often our daily life, behaviors, eating patterns and general distractions that we have grown accustomed to, have drowned out our own inner voice – a huge reason for depression and other feelings of helplessness. Often we don’t even realize this is happening because no one has taught us otherwise. When we aren’t bombarding and distracting ourselves with food, alcohol and other things, we actually get the chance to not only feel our inner power, but to own it. And it is from this place, we get to make more conscious, empowering choices for ourselves, our health and our well-being.

In essence, the cleanse program is about peeling off the layers and stepping into the person we were born to be!

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Our next ONLINE GROUP CLEANSE program starts Monday, May 2nd! Click here to learn more and to SIGN UP TODAY!  

Please feel free to inquire if you have questions. We would be happy to answer them for you!

Are you ready to Re-Set, Re-Charge & Re-New Your Body, Mind & Soul?

With love,

Lisa & Stacey

Lisa Brisse
Exercise Physiologist, Wellness Coach & Founder, State of the Heart Fitness
Author, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul 
Stacey Whittle
Registered Dietitian & Medical Nutrition Therapist

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