food-heartNutrition Counseling

Individual appointments encompass a very comprehensive assessment in which medical, nutritional, exercise and lifestyle histories are obtained.

Lab values are interpreted, current medications and supplements reviewed, body composition measured, as well as discussion related to your overall health and wellness goals. Based on these parameters a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan is created. At subsequent appointments you will be guided in acquiring the skills needed to change old habits. New strategies will be discussed to help you get through plateaus or circumstances that make it difficult for you to stay on course with your plan. Our on-staff Dietitian, Stacey Whittle, will support you in reaching your health goals in a realistic and achievable manner.


Skype/Phone/Email Counseling

For those located outside the Santa Monica area or for the busy person trying to balance health goals, work, travel and family, Skype/Phone/Email sessions are available with the same attention to detail and level of professionalism as is experienced in our office appointments.

Meet Our Dietitian: Stacey Whittle, RD