Regardless of where are you stand on the political spectrum, I believe there is one thing that has become quite clear in the last month or so. To rely on the President of the United States – or any world leader – to bring the illusion of peace and safety to your life and heart is simply impossible. Never has this been more true than right now.

But the reality is, this has always been the case and chances are, we just didn’t realize it until now. The truth has always been that so much of life is out of our control and to stress ourselves to the point of depression or making one’s self sick renders us to be victims of the problem (the Effect) instead of being a part of the solution (the Cause).


As I have expressed in my previous blog, sometimes we don’t know who we are or what we stand for until we are in the midst of what we are not. Ironically, it is only the contrast between light and dark, love and fear, and peace or war where we realize we have a choice. And the choice and question is, what do you stand for in the midst of craziness? Who and where are you in the midst of fear and darkness? What do you want your life – your personal life and life in this country and on this planet – to be about from this moment forward?

We may not be in control of all of the circumstances, but we are always in control of who we decide to be in the thick of it. Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama come to my mind, as well as others who made the powerful and conscious choice to rise above and to be the light in the darkness… to be the peace amidst the chaos.

Now is not the time to shy away from our power, from our light and from our desire to create a better world. Now is not the time to turn away. In fact, we can’t; our world depends on us. I believe the bigger story that is happening on this planet right now is that all of “this” is calling us to rise from the ashes… to rise from playing small and hopeless… to rise from being a victim of what appears to be happening. In fact, if ever there was a time to rise in all of our glory and amazingness, it is RIGHT NOW! The world needs ME and the world needs YOU! Your local community needs YOU. Your family and your loved ones need you. We need each other. We need each other to be strong… to stretch… to grow amidst what sometimes feels like unbearable discomfort. The only way out is through and now is the time when we bring our “A” game to the stage… to be the change… to be the hope… to be the difference.

President-elect Trump is clearly going to do his thing. But the power – the true power – is in the people. “We, the people…

What do YOU want this world to be about? This country? Your Community? BE that. Be that in every waking second. Be it. Embody it. And let nothing get in the way of “that.”

Remember the phrase, “you’re not the boss of me”? That’s right. Because the only one who is President of YOUR world is YOU.

So say it with me now… share it with me now… declare it with me now…

I, Lisa Brisse (insert your name), serving as President of my Self, declare my commitment and intention to creating this world to be a better place in every moment that I walk on this planet. I commit to making a difference that honors all of life. I commit to being the hope in whatever way I can. I commit to being a conduit of change for the better.

How do I do that?

  • I wake up every morning and dedicate at least 5 minutes to setting my intention for my day and ask God/the Universe/Your Higher Self (you choose what works for you) how I can be of best service to myself, my loved ones and to the world.
  • I choose to walk every step of my day in awareness of each moment, becoming keenly aware of my thoughts, my judgments and my beliefs, and I choose the “higher” thought of love, kindness and respect as best I can.
  • I commit to finding my voice and standing up to say “NO” to injustice of my fellow human beings (and animals and the planet too) and say “YES” to love, freedom and equality for all.
  • I commit to not reading, watching, or engaging in too much news – enough to be aware of what is happening but not allowing myself to be consumed, overwhelmed and poisoned by it to the point that I become useless (a part of the problem instead of the solution). I recognize that I am needed to make this world a better place, each and every day.
  • I vow to do my best in all moments, but also to recognize that I am human and I am not always in my center or my strength and sometimes I falter, just like everyone else. Therefore, I vow to be gentle and forgiving with myself as well as to others, because essentially, we are all the same even when it feels like we might be so different.
  • I vow to choose my words wisely and kindly and to recognize that it is ok to respectfully disagree and to communicate that, but without name calling or using the very tactics we may judge in others. I recognize it takes a lot of energy to choose the higher road but if I desire the higher road and a better world, I am committed to it no matter what. I recognize the energy I carry in my being is the energy that is affecting the world in every moment, hence, I use the power of awareness and choice to once again, choose wisely and to choose love.
  • I recognize that I can only be my best self and be of greatest service when I take care of myself and my health. This means a daily honoring and recognition of my amazing body – for it is the vehicle to do my life’s work on this planet. Without my health, I am not my best self. Therefore, I commit to daily exercise (it can be a walk), eating more healthfully (we ARE what we eat… choose the best fuel, not junk), and practicing healthy stress management by reminding myself of the greatest stress relieving tool there is… breathing (deep, diaphragmatic breaths… need help? I can teach you. Contact me).
  • I choose to see the beauty of the world no matter what; I choose to see the good. I commit to being that beauty and being the goodness. It can be as little as smiling at a stranger… acknowledging someone… engaging in a genuine conversation… practicing random acts of kindness. The world is a better place because I am IN it!

There is so much we can do, every single day! Make THAT your goal and your intention every morning before you set out into the world! And as the song goes, sing it and sing it loud and proud…

“This little light of mine… I’m gonna let it shine…” :)

When we embrace our heart and no longer believe we are separate and a victim, we become a force to be reckoned with. We become the difference. We become the solution and in so doing, we heal our world.

Just do it!

Let’s do it together!

With love,