Starting Monday, January 30th!


online food-based cleanse program



Join Lisa Brisse, Exercise Physiologist & Stacey Whittle, Registered Dietitian as your Personal Coaches to guide you through our simply structured & easy to follow 3-week program that will start you on your path feeling strong, healthy & empowered!

“It has changed my life and I want it to change my friends lives too! it’s such a great program. Thank you Lisa and Stacey for running such an amazing program… was fun, informative and the support was unreal!”      —Dianne S. 


  • Weight Loss
  • Increase Energy & more Relaxing Sleep
  • Improve Digestion with less Gas and Bloating
  • Enhanced Mood and Mental Clarity
  • Radiant Skin


  • 4 group coaching calls (weekly webinars)
  • 14-Day Cleanse Kit, Meal Plans & Recipes
  • Weekly health tips & exercises (videos)
  • 24/7 email support

14-Day Cleanse Kit Provides

  • 28 Cleanse shake packets – A comprehensive combination of nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, fruit and vegetable extracts and herbs that support the overall metabolic detoxification process. Gluten & dairy free.
  • 28 Cleanse supplement packets– helps support digestion and ease GI discomfort.
  • Cleanse GuidebookA detailed guide that includes a supplement schedule, sample menus, & suggested food and snack options.
  • Shaker Bottle

“I decided to do the Cleanse program after watching Lisa’s first webinar, ‘If we know what to do, why don’t we do it?‘ I realized that I have been abusing my body and taking my health for granted for years. So many excuses…. many of them actually pretty good! However, if I do not take on my health and wellness, no one else will. This experience has been all about connecting to my ‘true self.’ By actually taking the time to care for myself and make better choices, I experienced more self worth, confidence, and vitality. I lost 10 pounds without even trying! The shakes are delicious and very satisfying. Stacey and Lisa worked very hard to make sure everyone was informed and comfortable at all times. Their support made this program so simple! I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to re-set their body and reconnect to healthy eating and living! It rocks! ”                 —Denise B.  


Program Webinar Sessions & Topics Covered:

Week 1 Webinar
Preparing for your Food Based Cleanse. Structure Guidelines. Exercise Basics.

*NOTE: This week you will receive your cleanse shake and supplements.

Week 2 Webinar
Discussion of Emotional Eating Triggers, Hunger Scale, Tips for Dining Out when you’re on the cleanse.

Week 3 Webinar
Discussion on Stress & how it throws off the natural balance of our well-being as well as how to manage it, along with Q & A.

Week 4 Webinar
Discussion of Key Steps to Continued Success & Permanent Lifestyle Change & Shift!

*Exercise tips & videos included

Lisa Brisse (left), Exercise Physiologist, Wellness Coach & Founder of State of the Heart Fitness along with Stacey Whittle, Registered Dietitian & Medical Nutrition Therapist in Santa Monica, CA, combine over 40 years of experience in coaching clients with various health issues in making healthy and lasting lifestyle change. Working together for nearly a decade, they passionately share their knowledge, expertise and genuine caring to those wanting to take their health into their own hands, paving the way for a bright and healthy future!