HEAD TO HEART LOGO BK BGLife is one hell of an adventure. We never know what it will bring or when. We never know where it’s about to take us or why, at least in the moment that it’s happening.

Ever since I was 18 and started questioning so much, wondering what life really is about – which began my insatiable need to read almost every book on the meaning of life throughout my twenties and early thirties – I have kept my mind and heart open to this never-ending, unfolding adventure. And what a journey it has been. It has led me to places I never imagined. Things I thought not to be possible – or at least told that they weren’t. It has challenged me to stretch waaaaaaay beyond my comfort zone. To dare to step out of all that I have “known. To have faith in something greater than myself. To trust and believe in ME, even when it was so tempting to doubt and succumb to fear.

Living from our heart – that place inside our souls that is connected to something more than what we see with our eyes or even know with our mind. It’s not a popular path. It is the “road less traveled” for sure. A place that doesn’t often follow logic and can often be perceived as “high risk; no guarantees.” And yet, for me, there has been no other choice. Well… not true. There is always another choice – to NOT live on the “edge of creation,” as I call it… the space between the known and the unknown… the place between the mundane and the “oh my god, I can’t believe I’m really doing this, but for some reason I am”… the space between “just going through the motions – ho hum” or feeling totally and completely alive!


Nope. Not an easy path, by any means. But yet, that’s because we’ve been schooled this way since childhood, yet even longer than that. For generations. For eons. Maybe since the time humans stepped onto Planet Earth. My god, that’s a long time. Yet, what has this way of believing and living gotten us? More happiness? More fulfillment? Greater health? Unspeakable joy? Peace within our souls and on the planet?



Our head… our ego… the part of ourselves that believes we’re separate – from each other, from the planet, from our own authentic selves/souls. That part of ourselves dictated by fear, doubt, and attack – on ourselves and each other. This is what has dominated human consciousness for eons. How is this working for us? Take a look at the world, at our country’s political fiasco, and even closer to home… how we treat each other not just on the street, but even in our own circle of family and friends. Is it loving, kind, and respectful? Or?

This is often the work of the ego. In it’s justification to feel “right,” others have to be “wrong.” In fact, it thrives on us not getting along (or playing well) with others. It’s not hard to find many examples of this in our world.


And then there’s the Heart… our spirit… the part of ourselves that believes we are all connected; we are ONE. It’s a beautiful thought, but it’s more than that; it’s who we are. Everything in the universe is connected. Everything. What we do to each other, we do to ourselves. In other words, we can’t escape our actions or attitudes directed outward. Attacking others is an attack on ourselves.

Yes, stepping into our heart requires us to stretch, to move beyond what we were taught to believe and how we see ourselves in the world. It requires us to take personal responsibility for the energy we carry within. To see the world as a mirror and to observe our reflection in it all, honestly.

Do we like what we see? Who do we blame?

It’s time to stop that. It’s time to own it. It’s time to connect with the ONLY power that can not only transform ourselves, but can transform the world… at least our world around us. It is a shift -a shift from the head to the heart. A shift from separation to connectedness. A shift from fear to love.


It’s needed. It’s necessary. It’s time.

THIS is the most powerful shift any of us will EVER make. It is imperative not only for our own health & well-being, but also for the health and well-being of our world. There is not one person who doesn’t have this power within. We’ve just forgotten it’s there.

The time’s are a changin’ and it’s time to own it! To make that change!

Who’s ready? The planet, the world, and your very own soul need YOU… to either shift or get off the planet, so to speak.

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Let’s do this together! Can’t wait to see you there!



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