inspiration-wordsIt’s that time of year when many people contemplate making changes for themselves… this is an inspiring story. Whether it’s weight or anything in your life that you want to change, know that it is possible and if you’ve tried before but didn’t “succeed,” it’s easy to understand that you may have doubt or question if it’s even possible or if you will ever be able to follow through with what you truly desire. But I’m here to tell you that you can!

Maybe you didn’t follow through because you weren’t quite ready to make a change (there are reasons for that). Maybe you didn’t have the proper guidance (and it’s really difficult to do when our path isn’t clear and we are trying to guess for ourselves). Maybe you didn’t have the right support and you tried to do it all alone (yet no one can do it without support. No one). Who knows what it might be, but no judgment… ever! Judgment of ourselves keeps us stuck in the same place. That doesn’t have to be the broken record this year.

I love to help people discover their “why”… why are certain things in our life important? Why do we desire to make a change for ourselves? Why haven’t we always been able to follow through? What is the cost to ourselves, our loved ones and our lives if we don’t?

What I have found in coaching people over the many years, including with my own personal health and wellness journey, is that we often don’t follow through until we go deeper and look into what our “story” is. What are our beliefs about ourselves? Where did those beliefs come from? How did they serve us in the past, but more importantly, do they serve us now? Is it time to re-write your story and create a new way for yourself? Are you choosing – whole-heartedly – to live?

Nothing brings me more joy than doing what I call “Heart Coaching” – helping others to go into their hearts and discover their “why,”but then helping them to find their innate power and inspiration that they didn’t even know they had. Making any kind of change in our lives for the better is possible for everyone!

Whether we are carrying too much physical weight OR too much mental and emotional weight that is getting in the way of who we ultimately are, it might be time to let your beautiful and authentic self come through and be the light that you are. Maybe it’s time to re-write your story! :)

Speaking of re-writing one’s story… watch this amazing man’s story.

Be Unstoppable.Never, ever, underestimate what YOU are capable of when you set your mind to it.

Posted by DDP YOGA on Tuesday, December 20, 2016