In Sickness & in Health: A Heartfelt Walk Through Love & Reflection…


Little Miss under her tree getting lots of needed rest. It’s been her most challenging time of her whole life other than her first year when she was left to die. That is when I found her 34 years ago.

Sitting by my Little Miss while she lays under her big, comforting oak tree, I find myself pondering and reflecting on so much. Mostly, our life together – 34 years and counting – and the true commitment of love… a “marriage” of sorts… and in particular, the phrase, […]

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Living with Your Heart On the Line: No Greater Gift

Heart in sand

Photo Credit: Stacey Whittle

What does it mean to put your heart on the line? To live your life with heart? To put yourself out there to life despite the fear and as Nike says, “Just do it!”

Along that vein, I have been given one of the greatest gifts on this planet, and for those rare few who have had a similar experience, you would probably agree.

What am I talking about?

Growing up with horses, and especially in knowing my Little Miss for 34 years […]