Heaven Can Wait: Little Miss’s Decision to Stay


Little Miss & Lisa, July 31st, 2016. Photo taken by Stacey Whittle & adjusted with a filter.

Heaven can wait…

That is apparently what Little Miss concluded that warm July evening a couple of months ago when her and I laid together on her bed of straw. Her in obvious pain and what appeared to be unbearable suffering, and me sobbing my eyes out in heart-wrenching shock that this — after 34 years of being together in this lifetime – could be the moment… the moment when our illustrious, […]

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In Sickness & in Health: A Heartfelt Walk Through Love & Reflection…


Little Miss under her tree getting lots of needed rest. It’s been her most challenging time of her whole life other than her first year when she was left to die. That is when I found her 34 years ago.

Sitting by my Little Miss while she lays under her big, comforting oak tree, I find myself pondering and reflecting on so much. Mostly, our life together – 34 years and counting – and the true commitment of love… a “marriage” of sorts… and in particular, the phrase, […]

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Head to Heart: A Shift That Transforms You & the World

HEAD TO HEART LOGO BK BGLife is one hell of an adventure. We never know what it will bring or when. We never know where it’s about to take us or why, at least in the moment that it’s happening.

Ever since I was 18 and started questioning so much, wondering what life really is about – which began my insatiable need to read almost every book on the meaning of life throughout my twenties and early thirties – I have kept my mind and heart open to this never-ending, unfolding […]

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Transforming Ourselves & Our Lives… For Real: Thoughts on Starting a New Year

beliefAnyone can lose weight at any time. No matter what. Anyone can change their lives for the better at any time. No matter what. Anyone can transform themselves in a profound and permanent way at any time. No matter what.

It is true. Do you believe it? Where does your mind go when you read that? Does it feel like truth or does your mind quickly remind you of your doubts and, in turn, limit what you believe is possible for yourself?

Though the truth is we are all capable of SO […]

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My Heart Cries for Our Collective Heart

hurting heartI admit that I am struggling. I admit that my heart is hurting… once again. Nothing pains me more than to hear of yet another mass shooting in our country. As an empath, I can’t help but feel the insurmountable pain a family member or friend goes through to learn that a loved one has been killed in this way, yet again… something that numbingly seems to be becoming a regular occurrence in our country.

Yes, it pains my heart a great deal because in our collective heart, we are […]

The Camino: 9.9-9.10.15

Note:  so sorry I am not including pics in this blog! The wifi at this hostel is weak and to upload one picture may take hours! Ugh!  Sorry! Love to give visuals to go with the stories. I’ll have to post the pictures another time… In the meantime, please forgive any other typos or weird phrases, as usual. The iPhone is not ideal for this kind of thing! With that said, read on…

September 9, 2015
9:02 am
We left our hostel about 30 minutes ago. The second we stepped out the door and started walking, Diane said she needed a good […]

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The Camino: 9.5-9.6 2015


Here are my latest notes from our walk along the Way. Please forgive any typos as I am doing this all by phone! Just a tiny bit maddening! :)

September 5, 2015
8:16 am
Here we are walking through a little village. We just stopped at a cute little supermercado and got some breakfast. We got some yogurt, apples, turkey, freshly made bread (my god is there any better smell on the planet?) and water. I loved this place. The owner was a jolly man maybe in his 40s or r50s. He had […]

On the Way to Spain: 8.28.15


Overlooking Machu Picchu 2010

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”
–Paulo Coelho

Nothing could be more true.

Life… it’s here to be lived. Not feared. Yet too often, we are taught to fear.

I understand fear. I have it too. I know how it feels just as much as the next person and I hate […]

Exercise… Punishment or Rejuvenation?

yes blogI have worked in the field of health & fitness for nearly 22 years now and through my own wellness journey, I have evolved in my approach to exercise. In my 20′s and 30′s I did what we are taught in our society, “no pain, no gain,” meaning if you aren’t “killing” yourself, you’re not getting any benefit.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I do understand the mentality, of course…  you have to challenge yourself and get out of the comfort zone a bit to make changes in your […]