beliefAnyone can lose weight at any time. No matter what. Anyone can change their lives for the better at any time. No matter what. Anyone can transform themselves in a profound and permanent way at any time. No matter what.

It is true. Do you believe it? Where does your mind go when you read that? Does it feel like truth or does your mind quickly remind you of your doubts and, in turn, limit what you believe is possible for yourself?

Though the truth is we are all capable of SO MUCH and, no matter who we are or what our circumstances, we were born with the power and capacity to make and create our lives to be whatever we desire it to be. Unfortunately, however, the common held belief that we are taught from little on is that “there is only so much we can do.” Or, “that may be true for some, but it’s not true for me.” Or, “I have tried to change myself, to lose weight and maintain it, to create more financial freedom for myself, to live my desire and dreams, but it just doesn’t work out for me.”

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, I’m here to tell you, none of it is true. Because within ALL OF US is the power to change and transform ourselves and our lives in any moment… and maintain that. Many have done it and continue to. But why do some “succeed” and others don’t?


Transforming ourselves – whether it be losing weight, making a profound shift in any aspect of our lives, letting go of our addictions once and for all, etc – is not only possible but what we are here in this life to do… and BE.  But it takes a deep desire to shift… to let go… to surrender to a power that is greater than all of what we believe (and have been taught) about ourselves. It is the TRUE POWER of our AUTHENTIC SOUL! And when we tap into this aspect of our being, miraculous shifts can and do happen. Our lives change… for the better! But, it takes DESIRE backed by ACTION, one day (moment) at a time. Consistency. Repetition. Over and over and over again. Every day.

belief cycle

In all of my years working as an Exercise Physiologist & Wellness Coach, in addition to my own continual journey of evolvement, I know the work that it takes. And yes, it is work, but anything worthwhile and rewarding to our soul, takes time, effort, and work. Yes.  But just like the best athletes – no matter how incredibly talented or their level of skill – they need coaches to stay focused and on track with their goals, and so do we! So do I! We need those who can coach us to be the best “human being” we can be and to stay focused on that! We need someone to hold us in our higher vision of ourselves, especially in those moments when we go into doubt about our abilities to stay committed and accountable to ourselves – to continually make the choices that keep us on the road to what we truly desire and enhancing our health & well-being instead of hindering it. We need a coach to guide us to our true power, because that is where the true change happens!

In our upcoming Re-Set, Re-Charge, Re-New Online Program, THIS is what we do! This is how we help people tap into the profound inner power of living from our authentic selves. This is how we help people find their reference of balance within, so they can experience balance without.  This is how we help people to not just lose weight, but keep it off, permanently. This is how we help people get off the exhausting, depleting and disempowering yo-yo cycle of temporarily making positive changes for one’s self, but then eventually falling back into the same defeating pattern.


The truth is, if we don’t address the real issues – the “junk,” the beliefs, the thoughts, the fears, and the source of our doubt that get in the way of our natural and radiant state of being – we will only go back to that painful place where we started, that place that motivated us to do something in the first place. You deserve to have better for yourself! NOW.

Here’s what one of our participants in the program had to say.  She has been “on the program” since the beginning of November and is learning a whole new way of living and integrating the “tools” from the program into her daily life. She says:

“I decided to do the program after watching Lisa’s first webinar, ‘If we know what to do, why don’t we do it?’ I realized that I have been abusing my body and taking my health for granted for years. So many excuses…. many of them actually pretty good! However, if I do not take on my health and wellness, no one else will. This experience has been all about connecting to my ‘true self.’ By actually taking the time to care for myself and make better choices, I experienced more self worth, confidence, and vitality. I lost 10 pounds without even trying! The shakes are delicious and very satisfying. Stacey and Lisa worked very hard to make sure everyone was informed and comfortable at all times. Their support made this program so simple! I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to re-set their body and reconnect to healthy eating and living! It rocks!”                  —Denise B. 

Are you tired of whatever your old patterns and behaviors are that are keeping you from your innate happiness and health? Are you willing to let go of that which no longer works or serves your highest good or your greatest joy?

It is the New Year… a time that signifies an energy and perspective shift. It is a time to start choosing not just a new way of being, but also a new way of believing in yourself. It is a time transform ourselves and our lives… for real.

2016 is here! Let’s do it!

Cheers!  Lisa


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