Full & Half Day Inter-Active Workshops

Inter-Active Workshops are health-related educational workshops specifically designed for corporations or businesses that care about the health & well-being of their employees. It is for those who recognize healthier, happier employees means greater productivity overall with less cost expended on employee absences due to illness.

The Objective:

is to provide participants the education, guidance and the tools in implementing a sustainable, balanced program of exercise, healthy eating & stress management.

Our Goal:

is to create a positive, uplifting atmosphere that allow participants the knowledge in taking responsibility for their health & well-being on a daily basis. With the sharing of our expertise including the hands on exercise experience each participant will receive, it is our hope that by the end of an “Inter-Active Day”, each person will leave with greater awareness, confidence, and motivation, while feeling supported in their quest for a healthy, balanced life! Not only does this benefit the employee’s health & well-being, but in turn, it results in a healthier, more productive company as a whole!


We help each individual to:

  • Identify their personal health goals
  • Identify any obstacles preventing them from reaching their goals
  • Have greater awareness in making healthier choices everyday
  • Design a realistic action plan to help them achieve & sustain a healthy lifestyle
  • A support system & accountability
  • Motivation and empowerment in living your BEST life!


Education Topics:

  • Overall Concept of Wellness – what does “Wellness” mean and how does it relate to your everyday life?
  • Exercise Basics – get “back to basics” with exercise and learn the “facts” about the physiology of optimal fat burning
  • Healthy Eating – learn the concept of “intuitive eating” as well as simple guidelines to help achieve & maintain a healthy body composition
  • Stress Management & Stress Relieving Techniques – not all stress is “bad”; learn how stress affects the mind & body and how achieving the optimal balance of stress can keep you feeling inspired, energized & alive!
  • “We all know what to do… but why don’t we do it?” – this is the “million dollar question”! If we know what’s “good” for us, why aren’t we motivated to make healthy lifestyle choices and changes, much less maintain them?


What it includes:

  • Educational materials including State of the Heart Fitness’ “Way to Wellness” Journal
  • Goal Setting Action Plan
  • Healthy snacks & water
  • Hands on exercise experience
  • Exercise prescription & program for home
  • Online support to provide guidance to those who have participated in Inter-Active workshops.


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